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Roberto VERGA

Company Partner and Chief Executive Officer, Bict


Parco Tecnologico Padano – Via Einstein SNC – loc.
Cascina Codazza – 26900 Lodi – Italy


Phone. +39 0371 4662452
Mail. Roberto.verga@bict.it


Partner Description

Bict is a small enterprise focussed on the research and production of compounds such as enzymes and secondary metabolites, obtained from natural sources (plant, animal and microorganism) or through recombinant DNA techniques. These aims can be reached through the many years of experience acquired by Bict members, dedicating efforts to the development and scale-up of whole processes based on cell cultures (from bacteria and yeasts to plant and mammalian cells), for the industrial production of enzymes, peptides and secondary metabolites. Bict has expert experience in the bulk production of pharmaceutical ingredients through biocatalysis, based on batch or column processes with free and immobilized enzymes. Internally, Bict is developing the automation of more activities critical for enzyme development, also by means of a scale-down, such as stability under several conditions, screening against more substrates, etc.


Bict plays a key role in Work Package 3 (ant-ageing and angio-genesis bioassays), and Work Package 6 (industrial developments) as well as contributing to Work Package 8.

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