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Executive Director Business and Strategy, CRELUX


Crelux GmBH – am Klopfersitz 19a – 82132
Martinsried – Germany


Phone. +49 163 7007617
Mail. schaeffer@crelux.com


Partner Description

CRELUX GmbH is a fully independent integrated drug discovery solutions company located in Munich, Germany. The company is led by its founders and owners and provides solutions in protein production, in-vitro-activity and binding assays and X-ray crystallography.
i2C is a joint venture between CRELUX and 4SC Discovery GmbH to provide an integrated drug discovery platform (idea to candidate) which offers a seamless process from early concept through to a preclinical development candidate ready to advance into formal animal model testing and thereafter into clinical trails.
i2C, CRELUX and 4SC Discovery are operating from shared facility where 4SC Discovery adds strong in silico screening and medicinal chemistry capacities, as well as a team of experienced pharmacologists that has successfully brought a number of small molecule drugs from discovery to clinical trials.


CRELUX leads Work Package 3 (anti-ageing and angiogensis bioassays) and will also be involved in WP6 and WP8.

eu-flagTASCMAR is a collaborative European research project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, under grant agreement N° 634674.