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Antonella PASSANI

Head of the Innovation, Society and Social Capital Research Unit, T6


Via Genova 30, 00184 Roma, Italy


Phone. +39 647823286
Mail. a.passani@t-6.it


Partner Description

T6 is a consultancy company in Rome, offering highly specialized research and management support for research implementation. T6 works with international research institutions and companies. The company is composed of a group of people from different professional and geographical background who made their diversity a complementary and interdisciplinary strength.

T6 is offering its services with a certain uniqueness: research results are aimed at facilitating application and transformative actions at local, European and international level. Research and management activities focus on the following fields of interest: socio-economic analysis, new technologies and environment as well as international cooperation. T6 experts in project and financial management have developed specific methodologies for supporting research and the knowledge economy both at national as well as international level.

T6 has extensive experience in participating and co-ordinating national and international research and innovation projects and provides strategic consultancy to Public Administrations and private enterprises (especially SMEs) regarding innovation of process, technological and knowledge transfer, exploitation of research results and impact assessment. In addition, a long experience has been acquired in supporting the creation and development of research and users communities and in the development of related governance models.

The socio-economic research sector plans, coordinates and deploys research activities using both qualitative (ethnography, in-depth interviews, focus groups, Delphi, etc.) and quantitative techniques (longitudinal survey, multivariate analysis, social network analysis, etc.)

In recent years, T6 has developed a proven track record in providing advanced qualitative and quantitative methodologies to analyse the impact of innovations and research results. The methodologies developed by T6 ECO provide tools to evaluate on one hand the readiness of the domain considering to uptake innovation and on the other the impact foreseen in terms of increased industrial competitiveness and social and economic development. Analysing the economic, social and environmental impact of European research projects demands a strong personalisation of the assessment tool, a deep analysis of the state of the art and close collaboration with exploitation and dissemination activities. For this reason, T6 has been engaged also in these activities in several EU research projects.

T6 ECO has a proven track record in providing:

  • Advanced qualitative and quantitative methodologies to analyse the impact of research results at economic, social and environmental level. Developing Market Analyses, Business Models and Exploitation Plans
  • Use of the assessment results in re-orienting the research with the aim of maximizing its impacts
  • Dissemination of the research results with a special emphasis on exploitation and user/stakeholders engagement

T6 leads Work Package 7, dealing with the socio-economic and environmental impacts of TASCMAR and will play a central role in communication activities including the dissemination and exploitation of the project’s results , in WP8.

eu-flagTASCMAR is a collaborative European research project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, under grant agreement N° 634674.