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Two breakthrough technologies patented!

In the context TASCMAR, two breakthrough innovations were recently patented. These technologies are dedicated to the optimal production of microbial metabolites and the trapping of invertebrate metabolites in their natural habitat.


UNIFERTEX (UNIversal FERmenTor EXpert) offers a unique opportunity to microbiologists to carry out solid and liquid state fermentations in parallel, in highly a controlled environment with specialized remote supervision and control software, complying with EU and international safety and security regulations as well as quality requirements. The technology is patented by two TASCMAR project partners, CNRS and Pierre Guerin Technologies. The construction of the equipment is fully financed by TASCMAR and will be completed by June 2018 in Pierre Guerin Technologies’ facility in Niort, France.

Credits: Jamal OUAZZANI, Géraldine LE GOFF, Doru FELEZEU, Arnaud TOURON, Christophe ALLEGRET-BOURDON, UNIFERTEX, UNIversal FERmenTor EXpert, device for microbial cultivation. CNRS/Pierre Guerin Technologies, INPI 1763222, 2017.

The driving objective behind SOMARTEX (Self Operating MARine Trapping EXtractor) is to ensure the protection of marine invertebrate biodiversity while meeting the need to provide the drug pipeline with marine natural scaffolds and bioactive compounds. The main principle is the trapping of invertebrate holobionts molecules in their natural habitat at any location and depth, without harvesting the organism. SOMARTEX is patented and was financed independently by CNRS. The technology will be validated and exploited within the TASCMAR project. The construction of the equipment will be completed around April 2018.

Credits: Jamal OUAZZANI, Géraldine LE GOFF. Somartex, Self Operating MARine Trapping EXtractor. CNRS, INPI 1850669, 2018.


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