Work Package 7 – Socio-economic and environmental impacts


This Work Package aims to monitor the execution of the project in terms of socioeconomic and environmental expectations. Through the adaptation of already tested impact assessment methodologies, the potential socioeconomic and environmental impacts of TASCMAR research activities and outputs will be evaluated and feedback will be provided to the project partners so as to fine-tune their efforts to maximise sustainable impacts. TASCMAR will bring benefits through pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmeceutical applications. The key message of the project is ‘active ageing for all citizens’ through developing new natural products derived from marine organisms. In addition to this central goal, TASCMAR will bring a broad range of impacts and these will be systematically monitored and analysed from both a socioeconomic and an environmental point of view.


Main activities

Main activities include developing an impact assessment methodology for TASCMAR and applying the methodology to measure the impact of the project in terms of: environmental management and impact mitigation e.g. for the protection of natural habitats; new environmental standards for sample collection and economic and societal impacts. In this Work Package, opportunities for TASCMAR to collaborate with parallel/complementary initiatives will be identified and European policy recommendations as well as a research roadmap will be developed.



Work package leader : T6
Partners involved : CNRS, UoA, PGT, EcoOcean

eu-flagTASCMAR is a collaborative European research project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, under grant agreement N° 634674.